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Scotsman BEST OF THE FEST, 2011

               ***** Broadway Baby  ***** The New Current  **** Three Weeks


‘more musical surprises and mood swings than a foul-mouthed episode of ‘Glee’.


Following her sell-out 2011 Fringe show, a West End run, World tour and television series...what is a Superstar to do?


Well, if she is Sharron Matthews Superstar, she continues on her quest for World Domination with a new show which will literally ROCK both Edinburgh to London to its foundations. Gold is the show and so is the music! The soundtrack features some of hottest music around including Radiohead, Lady Gaga, Queen, Guns & Roses.


And this isn’t just an excuse to do a crappy “Best Hits” show, oh no. (Though, again, she will be doing those “Best Hits”, oh yes.)  Sharron has got something to say – well hasn't she always, in her spotlight this time are (ready for it...) that skanky Kim Kardashian (How in the hell does that happen?), Hookers and Prostitutes (They are probably the same thing but she wants to cover all the bases), hotels that scare the crap out of you (and not just because of the freakin’ bed bugs), what it is like being a Canadian Reality TV Star (uber-sigh...), students who wear tight t-shirts in front of their hot teachers (Ya, I said it) and many more interesting, naughty and intoxicating things...


She will, yes, she will, sing some hot new songs with hot new arrangements, and will Adele be there? NO!!! Doesn’t that Adele lady have enough exposure? But there might be some Jessie J, mixed with old school Justin Timberlake...just will have to come and see.


She will make you laugh, make you cry...and make you pee your pants a bit....GOLD!


her set deftly showcases a relentless comic touch and a genuine ability as a large-voiced singer of barreling rock 'n' roll or unexpectedly tender ballads’ **** The Scotsman


‘Five star cabaret queen… Redheaded Canadian goddess, a real superstar’  ***** The Skinny